U.S. Games Systems Squadron Scramble (2002) NIS

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A Rummy style card game where players form sets of cards comprised of the front, side and top views of WWII fighters and bombers.

Aircraft of USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia and Italy are featured. The deck consist of 100 cards including 6 "Keep 'em Flying" wild cards, one Victory wild card and 3 cards each for the 31 types of aircraft represented.

Originally published in 1942 by Whitman Publishing, copyright National Aeronautic Association of the U.S.A., as 2 separate packs labeled "Card Game No. 1" (blue-backed cards) and "Card Game No. 2" (red-backed cards).

Card Game #1 includes a 52-card deck consisting of 16 sets of 3 aircraft cards, 3 "Keep 'em Flying" cards, and one "Victory" card. Featured are 9 U.S. aircraft, 3 Japanese, and 2 each from Britain and Germany. Instructions are printed on two additional cards.

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