PARKER BROTHERS Monopoly Canadian Edition

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Designer: Uncredited

Year: 1982

The Maple Leaf Edition. The ultimate Canadian edition of Monopoly. While gameplay is the same as in 'classic' monopoly, this edition features numerous unique changes, including:
- The box is the Canadian flag motif.
- All properties are Canadian replacing the equivalent 'standard Monopoly' properties (a booklet is included describing the actual streets, railroads and utilities used on the board).
- The insert is formed plastic to hold the money (standard) and slots for the properties to be displayed upright and two troughs for the houses and hotels.
- An embossed gold maple leaf enhances the center of the board.
- The Chance, Community Chest and Properties are non-standard sized and bi-lingual.
- The board replaces the cop with a RCMP Mountie on the Go To Jail (Allez au Houscou) corner.
- all railway spaces show the front of a Canadian train rather than the black Parker locomotive
- The 10 metal playing pieces include 9 original to 'classic' version, and a new beaver token (of course!).


Component Conditions:

  • Box lid has tape on it as well as tape holding corners and edges together, creasing, corner and edge wear, creasing, fraying, scuffing, and deformation.
  • Box bottom has tape on it, as well as tape holding corners together, creasing, fraying, deformation, and scuffing.
  • Contents have some usage - the money has creasing, folding, and bending.
  • The property cards have bending, folding, and creasing.
  • Game board has creasing at fold, and minor usage.
Overall Game Condition : (Rated 1-10)
Box Lid: 2
Box Bottom: 3
Contents: 6
Cards: 6
Board: 8
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